Which Play Dough Recipe is Best?

Assuming you are using a home made play dough recipe rather than shop-bought play dough, there are a bewildering array of recipes out there to try. Many of them require cooking which obviously means that adult supervision is needed but there are some no cook play dough recipes out there too.

You also need to consider reusability. If you are planning on using the play dough for a short time and then packing it away into containers for further use you need to be sure that you use a play dough recipe that is long lasting and stays soft. On the other hand if you wish to use it to make small jewelry type items that harden, you need a different kind of recipe.

Over the next few entries I'll gather together various play dough recipes and take a look at their properties but really, to get the most of them you need to just try them out and see what works best for your kids.

Once we've got ourselves a basic home made play dough recipe that we can work with, that's when the fun really begins! What can we make with it? Creative Playdough Ideas for Kids gives you 32 pages of ideas for things to create. Check out the lady bird in the side bar for an example.

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