Play Dough Recipe - No Cook Play Dough

When you want to get your kids involved in the whole process, not just the playing with the dough, the no cook version is best as it's safe and easy to experiment. Even fairly young children can have a go at this one.

However, unlike a traditional play dough recipe, the no cook variety will not keep for very long, perhaps a week and it needs to be kept refrigerated. When dry, larger objects tend to crack with this recipe so it is best suited for making small ornaments, decorations, that sort of thing.


1 cup flour
1/2 cup water
1/2 cup salt
Food colouring

This recipe will only make a small amount, but of course you can increase it if you want to make more but as it doesn't keep for too long it's best made in small batches anyway.


Combine the flour and salt in a bowl, pour in the hot water and any colouring you are using and then mix it up. If your kids are making this dough then encourage them to get their hands dirty and have some fun with it! Mix it all together and start kneading the mixture around until it forms a pliable dough and then knead it and roll it around in your hands.

Another great thing about this particular play dough recipe is that it is ready to use as soon as it is made, there is no cooling time needed. If your kids are running out of inspiration try Creative Playdough Ideas for Kids - 32 pages of colourful things to make with play dough.


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Great recipe I'm making this with my Year 1 class tomorrow.